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Is MORE JaSam In Order For General Hospital (GH)?

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On General Hospital (GH), Sam and Drew finally told Danny that Jason was his real father. The kid took it in stride. All Port Charles kids take all sorts of weird things in stride. This is actually pretty tame for them.

But it took all three adults to break the news, and then Jason took off back for Sonny’s (Maurice Beanrd) presumably, while Sam pledged her devotion to the man she married (most recently).

So which party was the third wheel? Over 3,000 viewers told us how they’d feel about more scenes featuring Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) – only.

Back To Where You Came From
Do we need to Drew you a picture, dude? Drew (Billy Miller) isn’t wanted by 84% of the fans. He’s taking up air-time from the couple you actually do want to see. That would be the original Jason and Sam.

How is Sam supposed to remember why she fell for Jason in the first place, if Drew is always hanging around, looking all put-upon and puppy-dog-ish, and caring about Sam’s feelings and such, instead of standing sentry-stiff in a tight, black T-shirt, all strong and silent?

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Drew needs to go hang with his new son, Oscar (Garrett Stitt), and leave Jason’s real family to the real Jason.

Time’s Up!
Keep walking, Morgan, advise a contrary 15% of you. We didn’t miss you while you were gone, and we don’t want you around now. Stop hanging around Sam and Drew. You are the most boring part of this triangle.

In fact, your scenes with Drew – two guys sharing one brain, or, at least, one set of memories – are more interesting that the ones with Sam. So focus on those. Focus on your kids, focus on Sonny, Carly (Laura Wright), and Michael (Chad Duell), but stay away from Sam. She’s spoken for.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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