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Tracy’s General Hospital (GH) Exit Story: Boy Does Edward Get Around…We Think

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It seems Edward Quartermaine was a busy boy through much of his life on General Hospital (GH), to have such a young daughter…IF it turns out this young woman who showed up at the Q mansion from Turkey is indeed Edward’s.

Tracy did notice her blue eyes and how similar they are to her father’s, but hey, lots of people have blue eyes and just because Samira had a ring belonging to Edward (John Ingle) and a book with Lila’s (Anna Lee) picture, it doesn’t mean she HAS to be Edward’s.

In fact, we’ve been wondering for weeks now if there was a reason Edward used the name J.L. Holt, meaning Jimmy Lee Holt (Steve Bond). That’s a name we hadn’t heard in decades, and it seemed so odd to hear it now, just as the character’s half sister is departing the show.

Jimmy Lee was one of Edward’s illegitimate sons, just like Bradley Ward, Justus’s father and Mary Mae Ward’s late son. Jimmy Lee is a throwback character from the ’80s so to hear his name come up with this Turkish monastery painting story sure threw us for a loop.

While we don’t doubt that Edward spent time in that monastery, who’s to say he wasn’t there with his son, Jimmy Lee, the real J.L. Holt.

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It would make much more sense that this new young woman be his daughter than Edward’s. That would almost make him the Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) of Port Charles, siring children way into his golden years.

Of course, Tracy discovering that her father always loved her and then learning he had another daughter as well could make for some emotional material for Jane Elliot, as if she hasn’t had enough the last few weeks.

But, in the end, Soap Hub would much prefer an unexpected twist–that she has a niece instead from a character we thought we’d never once hear about again. Could he be the next Q we see?

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