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Is This The End Of Morgan Corinthos on General Hospital?

Jason and Morgan on General HospitalJason and Morgan on General Hospital

We’ve known for weeks now that Bryan Craig chose to leave the role of Morgan Corinthos on General Hospital. However, all reports so far indicated we’d still see the actor until November. Well, it’s October 10, and it looks like Morgan went over a cliff never to be seen again…until a new actor may take his place, of course.

An explosion, a fire, and a car over a cliff are the perfect makings for the end of a pivotal soap character. All he has to do is show up one day with a new face, claiming he had plastic surgery to fix his burns and…voila…new actor.

Or, this could be the end of Morgan for a very, very long time. Then again, maybe we will still “see” Bryan Craig in bandages for the next few weeks, but as it looks now, Morgan is no more.

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When a car goes over a cliff after exploding and a body isn’t found, that’s usually grounds to presume death on a soap. How GH can manage to drag this out for another few weeks with the drama and seeming-finality it presented today is beyond us. Sure, it can be done, but it will then take away from the effect we feel when Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) learn the fate of their son.

While we will miss Bryan Craig and his incredible performance as a bipolar Morgan, seeing his unsuspecting face for the last time as he acknowledged Jason’s wave is perfect soap opera. We hope this is where it ends, leading to the dramatic fallout this will cause the Corinthos clan–and maybe even drive Ava over the proverbial edge with guilt. Remember, she is just as culpable as Sonny with this one…

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