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Drew Heads To Afghanistan: Is That The End of Billy Miller on GH?!

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The soap world knew Billy Miller was leaving his role of Drew Cain on General Hospital, and now it looks like it happened in the most “Seriously, did that just happen way?” Drew, the ultimate good guy, discovered the money Shiloh stole and left PC to return it to the people of Afghanistan. But, was that it?

Sadly, it looks like that just may be the case. Which means, the scene at the end of Wednesday’s episode with Drew heading into an elevator and looking straight ahead as the doors closed on him was likely the last we’ll see of Miller on GH.

It would be easy enough for the show to write that while over there, Drew’s car hit a roadside bomb and his body was never found. This would make the fact that Franco (Roger Howarth) is walking around town with Drew’s memories even more surreal and little twisted.

As the news broke about Miller, Soap Hub had speculated that they could have Drew have plastic surgery to look like his old self, and Steve Burton (Jason) could play both roles. After all, who could imagine Drew, after having lost Oscar (Garren Stitt), would ever willingly leave his other child, Scout, whom he had with Sam (Kelly Monaco)?

If Drew ends up dying, that solves that problem and yet a version of Drew remains in Port Charles in the form of Franco. But how unbelievably weird for everyone, including Dranco, to have to mourn the hero that was Drew when they have this sort of memory clone who remains?

If this is the intent of GH, it’s beyond strange. Never mind the convoluted fact that there’s no real reason anyone needed to go to Afghanistan to return the money. They could have easily given it to someone in the government — a senator or congressman — who would have done it.

Will Drew head straight there without so much as a goodbye to the woman he calls Mom, Monica (Leslie Charleson), or the women he made a mom — Sam and Kim? Or even Jason, his twin?

From the spoilers, it looks like he gets a message to Liz (Rebecca Herbst), who has been leaning on him during this crisis, but that may be it, which doesn’t seem fair to any of them really — or to fans. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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