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That Dress! That Dress! Our Hearts Break For Emme Rylan!

Emme Rylan of General HospitalEmme Rylan of General Hospital

Yesterday, Soap Hub showed you that a very pregnant Emme Rylan was quite the sport in that pink and puffy ensemble meant to hide her pregnancy.

She even tweeted pics of herself hiding Kelly Monaco under the dress because that thing looked like it was made for 12 pregnant women, and not just one whose character can’t have kids to begin with.

The Soap Hub staff’s heart bled for poor Rylan walking around in that thing, remembering our own dog days of pregnancy when a giant gown was the last thing we wanted to wear.

Then, we asked you if you thought the trooper of an actress was comfortable, and you made your answer quite clear.

OMG! That Poor Woman!
It seems 86% of you remember pregnancy as well as we do and want to give Emme Rylan one big hug right now and say thank you for being a company girl, showing up to work, wearing that piece of pink puffery, and proving that the show must go on no matter what.

What do you think? Post a comment!

What? We Don’t See The Problem
We’ll just assume the 14% of you that thought Rylan must be as comfortable as could be must be men and don’t understand the agony. That’s the only explanation we have here, folks.

Honestly, we have to ask why Kimberly McCullough’s Robin showed up for the ball, but then got to sit things out in comfortable clothes on a sofa in Anna’s living room. Actress and character are BOTH pregnant, so it’s not like the wardrobe department had to hide it. Taping schedules, we guess.

Still, it would have been nice to see Robin at the ball that’s essentially in her honor. Just sayin’, but who are we to say?

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