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With Dominic Zamprogna Out The Door, What Happens To Dante?

Dante and Lulu General HospitalDante and Lulu General Hospital

Although rumors had been circulating for weeks that Dominic Zamprogna was leaving General Hospital (GH), it became all too official and real last week when the actor confirmed his departure.

Public reports state, he taped his last scenes weeks ago, which means Dante’s days are numbered–or at least Zamprogna’s are as Dante. With GH taping on weeks in advance, Dante as we know him could be gone any day.

Whatever happens to Dante, it remains tightly under wraps. No teasers mention danger or a departure and with GH just giving us a cop’s funeral with all the dramatic pomp and circumstance back in February after Nathan (Ryan Paevey) died, it’s hard to believe they would do that again so soon.

If GH is not ready for another police send-off, that means Dante will likely not die in the line of duty, so what happens to him?

Might he and Lulu (Emme Rylan) take a vacation with their kids and return with Dante sporting a brand-new face?

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A recast is always possible, but would a casual vacation be a proper goodbye for a beloved actor who’s been on the soap for nearly a decade?

Maybe Dante is finally fed up with Lulu’s subpar reporter skills getting people into trouble and just leaves to get away from her, but even that doesn’t make sense. And, again, it would not be a proper exit.

It almost feels like GH was left between a rock and a hard place with this exit because losing a second PC cop in one year really does limit how one writes off this character.

Whatever does happen, all we can do is hope it honors Zamprogna’s work and how beloved he was to fans all these years – even when he barely had a story.

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