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Does Nurse Mary Pat Have A General Hospital Twin?


Patricia Bethune instantly captivated General Hospital viewers last year with her portrayal of controlling Ferncliff nurse Mary Pat, who made Carly’s life fairly miserable! Have we really seen the last of her?

After Carly got out of Ferncliff it appeared as if we wouldn’t see Mary Pat any longer, but then she crossed paths with serial killer Ryan Chamberlin (Jon Lindstrom), posing as his brother, Kevin Collins. It turned out to be a fatal encounter, alas, as Ryan beheaded Mary Pat, thus ending her life.

Bethune received a wonderful honor for her time in Port Charles — the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Guest Performer in a Drama Series. In the press room, Soap Hub asked Bethune if she thought Mary Pat maybe has a twin?

“I think she does have a sister,” responded Bethune, noting that when her name was called as the winner it was “mind-blowing. You’re used to things not working out [fully]. ‘It was great to be nominated.’ I thought I’ll be all right [if I don’t win].”

As for where she’ll keep her golden girl, Bethune said she had in mine “a place in my living room that’ll do just fine. I’ll be happy to move my TV out of the way!”

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Time will tell if Bethune returns to the show. She already played one other part on the program back in the 1990s as an assistant to Jax (Ingo Rademacher).

Who knows if there will be a third? GH is known for having actors on the show play twins or dual roles. There’s Finola Hughes (Anna/Alex), Lindstrom, and Anthony Geary (ex-Luke/ex-Bill). Hmmm…anything’s possible!

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