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The Doctor Is Out: Is Bensch a Danger To Kiki on General Hospital?

Bensch, Kiki, Liz General HospitalBensch, Kiki, Liz General Hospital

Does Kiki dare approach the Bensch on General Hospital? Not after she accused him of sexual harassment, took him to court… and won (more or less)!

You would think the gravest danger Kiki (Hayley Erin) currently faces is from her mother. Once Ava (Maura West) found out that her daughter slept with Ava’s boyfriend, Griffin (Matt Cohen), there wasn’t a hole deep enough for Kiki to climb into where Ava wouldn’t find her.

But what about ol’ doc Bensch? Is he still a danger to the blonde and beautiful medical student? Here’s where almost 15,000 fans see this story going:

Far From Over
Bensch (James DePaiva) isn’t done with Kiki yet, 90% of you insist. Sleaze like him get off on wielding their power over women who can’t fight back, and if he can’t keep coming onto Kiki at the hospital, Bensch will find some other way to make her squirm.

You wouldn’t even be surprised if he takes it up a notch and moves into straight up violence. Usually, his type are actually secret cowards, but we know how soap psychos work – they only escalate.

Kiki is in serious danger! It’s either Bensch or Ava… and you’re not sure which one will be worse.

Also, who knows who else he’ll got after next? Perhaps the woman who supported Kiki throughout her entire case — or even her lawyer who he dated before. No, Dr. Bensch isn’t through, you say.

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One and Done
For 10% of the audience, however, the fat lady has sung. Bensch was brought on so GH could hitch their wagon to the #MeToo movement. They’ve hitched. They’ve unhitched. They’re ready to move. Just how dumb would Bensch have to be to continue his harassment of Kiki?

He’d obviously be the prime suspect if anything happened to her. Why risk it? The world is full of nubile, innocent, medical students.

Go find one of them and leave Kiki alone. She’s got bigger problems — who could become your problems if you’re not careful.

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