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Do You Want Tyler Christoper Back on General Hospital?

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“Goodnight, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest….” again. Another General Hospital day, another Prince Nikolas Cassadine death.

Will this one take, or does Nikolas have his grandmother Helena’s (Constance Towers) rejuvenating powers?

And even if Nik really has shuffled off his mortal coil, does that mean Tyler Christopher is gone for good? Almost 5,000 of you wrote your own soliloquies on the topic.

Back In the Nick of Time!
Cassadines don’t die (don’t bring up Stefan and Kristina, or even Andre and Mikkos, that fat lady hasn’t sung yet, either).

So why should Nik be the first? He hasn’t even come close to using up his vaguely Greek, sometimes Russian nine lives and a whopping 95% of you see no problem with him returning to Port Charles.

Besides, Nik suffered his entire life from growing up without either a mother or a father (little did he know Stefan was a major improvement). Does he really want to do that to Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel)? The kid is… peculiar… enough as it is.

Flip a Coin
With 95% voting yes, there isn’t much room for dissent. Nonetheless, 4% of viewers are unsure about Christopher returning as Nikolas (Tyler Christopher).

Whether it’s because they don’t think any story would be believable, or because they’re just sick of the whole Prince shtick and don’t want him back on the canvas, is unclear. Maybe you can tell us more below.

And then there are those much talked about, rare 1%-ers who want Christopher back — but as another character. Well, it was good enough for Emily/Rebecca. And the entire One Life to Live…continue reading on the next page —>

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