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Please Don’t Go: Why Cassandra (Cassadine?) Is A General Hospital Necessity

Cassandra on General HospitalCassandra on General Hospital

It looks like our time with Cassandra Piece and the indomitable Jessica Tuck is over for now in General Hospital (GH) land, but if the show doesn’t bring her back again one day (soon), it’s missing so much opportunity.

Now that Ava is introspective and wants to be a good person (but who is she fooling, as she can never be pure), GH needs a vapid bitch with absolutely no scruples and a bit of the crazy. Plus, she reminds us so much of someone else–Helena Cassadine, who has miraculously stayed dead for more than two years, now.

Tell us that Cassandra couldn’t be Helena’s daughter. They have the same look, the same brand of ruthless evil, and the same brand of utter nuts. Port Charles needs a new Helena menacing the town and Cassandra so fits the bill.

Plus, it would make it not-so-coincidental that Valentin was involved with this particular jewel thief (and drug-dealing hypochondriac) during his days gone rogue. Yes, we know that GH insinuated they slept together, but that was never really confirmed, so if they turned out to be related, we’d still be okay.

But, if they did really sleep together, Cassandra could easily not be Mikkos’ daughter. Who says Helena didn’t get around as much as her husband and have a few unheard of kids of her very own?

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If she was given up, it would certainly explain the chip on her shoulder.

Plus, Cassandra was just so much fun. Tuck had chemistry with just about anyone she encountered and Sonny could have used a good female adversary that’s not Ava (now that Ava loves a priest).

If GH doesn’t bring this wonderful character and actress back, it would be a missed opportunity, indeed. So, let’s hope we see Cassandra and her considerable lunacy again one day.

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