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Down With Death: Should Morgan Return To General Hospital (GH)?

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He was always the useless Corinthos child on General Hospital (GH). Oddly, while Carly and Sonny obsessed over Michael , the child they stole and kept from the Quartermaines, they more or less ignored Morgan, the only child they actually had together.

While Michael (Chad Duell) was front and center all through childhood (until he got shot, went into a coma, and emerged a teen), Morgan was only taken out of mothballs for special, family occasions, until he too became a teen.

He briefly shared bipolar disorder with his dad- and even paternity test over Ava’s (Maura West) baby. But Morgan was still the boy who always played second fiddle to his brother.

It feels like Morgan (Bryan Craig) has more story now than when he was alive. So, now that his family remembers he exists, is it prime time for him to come back to Port Charles? Almost 9,000 talked it over with The Grim Reaper:

Bring Him Home
It would be great to have Morgan home again, 83% of you enthuse. Nelle (Chloe Lanier) might be a little confused – especially if it exposes her schemes.

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But the best part would be if Morgan returned just in time for the truth to be revealed that Avery is actually his child, not Sonny’s. Can you imagine the yelling and the barware flying!

Sonny and Carly would probably still hold onto the tot (for her own good, of course), but maybe Ava will finally have an ally? And a rekindled romance, since Griffin (Matt Cohen) has been totally unreasonable lately.

Stay Away
Morgan is not only more popular dead, he is also more interesting, dismiss 17% of fans. He never did much when he was alive beyond screw up and blame other people for it. What use could he possibly be if he returned? Kiki (Hayley Erin) and Ava have moved on. He’s got nothing to come back FOR.

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