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Daughter Dearest: Is Willow Nina’s Lost Child on General Hospital?

Nina and Willow General HospitalNina and Willow General Hospital

Now that General Hospital fans know that Sasha is not Nina’s long-lost child — it’s just a con on Valentin’s part to get Nina to love him — a fraction of you is wondering if Willow might fit the bill.


Is that possible, and could it lead to a good story? What over 12,000 fans are thinking:

Love Isn’t the Opposite of Hate
It’s a well-known soap opera fact if two characters hate each other, odds are they will fall in love…or be related.

Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Willow (Katelyn McMullen) hate each other. Mostly because Willow doesn’t think Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) is the greatest, smartest, most faultless child who ever lived. And Nina does.

Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) is not the baby that Nina thought she miscarried, but later turned out she actually gestated while in a coma, then gave birth to, and her mother, Madeline (Donna Mills), secretly gave away for adoption. (Unless it’s all actually a long con. Madeline was good at those, too.)

So, if Sasha isn’t Madeline’s daughter, soap logic dictates that the real child is someone she already knows. And hates. Ergo, Willow. Which is why 75% of the audience is awaiting the big birth announcement any minute now.

Silly Mortals
On the other hand, 25% of you think that would be a stupid idea. For one thing, it doesn’t make sense, it’s totally random like they threw a dart at a board and said, “Yeah, cool, that works.”

For another, it wouldn’t really change anything. OK, so Willow is Nina’s daughter, so what. Nina will shriek, Willow will whine, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) will explain how he is blameless, no matter what, and Chase (Chase Swickard) will adorably support Willow. Oh, and Michael (Chad Duell) may stomp his feet at Sasha. That is not riveting TV, and you are not excited.

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