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Could Dante Be Charlotte’s Father on General Hospital?

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If you think Charlotte being Lulu’s daughter on General Hospital is far-fetched enough being it was only two years ago when Lulu’s eggs were stolen, then why not add another out-there layer to this already out-there plot? What if Dante is really the little girl’s dad?

Now, this can play out any number of ways. We can just assume Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) had some sperm out there somewhere thanks to the creation of Rocco and that other embryo on frozen hold. Maybe someone, somewhere decided to use that sperm to fertilize Lulu’s (Emme Rylan) egg rather than Cassadine sperm.

Or, maybe Charlotte actually came from that layaway embryo that this year suddenly became unusable. (We never learned why it was unusable–maybe, it was just…gone.) Charlotte does look so much like Rocco, so perhaps they share two parents rather than just one.


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Of course, how does Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) come into play here? Well, there has been speculation that Valentin is not Valentin at all and actually Faison, which could be why Anna (Finola Hughes) sees something familiar in his eyes, yet nowhere else.

He clearly has an obsession with Anna, a la Faison, and Faison’s daughter (remember Britt?) definitely could have had access to some embryos during her time at GH.

Yes, we know Valentin (or whoever he is) and Charlotte are said to have matching DNA, but really, how often are DNA tests right on soaps? Those things can be fudged all the time. After all, a DNA test decided Nathan…continue reading on the next page —>

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