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Curtis Ashford: General Hospital’s Man Of Mystery…But Why?

Curtis General HospitalCurtis General Hospital

It’s been more than two years since Curtis Ashford arrived in Port Charles as a man convict Shawn recommended to do some dirty work for Hayden Barnes. We thought he’d be another General Hospital (GH) bad guy, but that was the furthest thing from the truth.

Instead, he’s an ex-cop turned PI with a heart of gold, but we don’t know nearly enough about him and that was clear this week when he gave Sam (Kelly Monaco) relationship advice and we knew darn well he was talking about himself.

So, we now know Curtis had a love of his life who wasn’t Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) and we know nothing about it or her–or what led him down the dark path that took his career.

Sure, we know he was a drug addict, his brother was Jordan’s late husband, and he was raised by his Aunt Stella. But, that’s about it. Curtis has yet to have a front burner storyline, but he is now a staple in Port Charles, helping people out and being the best friend he can be.

Still, Soap Hub wants to know more about him and we asked if you want the same. More than 5,000 of you weighed in and here’s what you had to say:

Tell Us More…
A whopping 80% of you want to know as much as you can about Curtis. Who is this woman he had to let go, but can now be friends with? What happened to destroy their relationship? Was it the drugs? Was it Tommy’s death that led Curtis to drugs. Was it something else?

Inquiring GH fan minds want to know because after more than two years all we know is that actor Donnell Turner has chemistry with every GH cast member and we can’t get enough of him no matter what he’s doing.

Keep It A Secret…
Then, there is the minority 20% of you who think knowing his family background, professional background, and what led to his downfall is enough. So what if it’s all generalizations and there are no details. Curtis is mysterious and you want to keep it that way. (Oh, but we do know he likes collectibles and art, so there ya go.)

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