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Crossing Jordan: Which General Hospital Man Is Right For Her?


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Jordan is footloose and fancy-free again on General Hospital, now that her marriage with Curtis has hit the skids. But a woman like her won’t be single for long. Which man would be best for her? What almost 5,000 viewers told us:

General Hospital Polling: Move On

You know, there are more than two obvious choices in Port Charles, a winning 37% of the audience subtly reminds. Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) doesn’t have to ping-pong back and forth. She can hook up with someone new.

What about Jason (Steve Burton)? The cop and the criminal? What about Finn (Michael Easton) – he likes women in law enforcement. What about Michael (Chad Duell)? He could use meeting someone with a personality. The point is, don’t limit yourself, Jordan. Or writers.

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Same Old, Same Old

Of course, if you do want to limit yourself, a slightly smaller 35% would like you to continue limiting yourself with Curtis (Donnell Turner). He’s sweet, he’s hot, he’s there. And it’s not like you could do better. The man loved you once. The man still loves you. He can learn to love you again. So what’s a lie or two – or twenty – between spouses? Keeps the mystery alive. And the love scenes sizzling.

Tag, You’re It

It was almost a three-way split, as 28% of you voted for Taggert (Réal Andrews). He knows what it’s like to be in law enforcement… and tell lies along the way. He knows what it’s like to protect the people you love by lying. And then having them not appreciate it. He and Jordan have a lot in common, and they would probably have a nice and easy relationship.

But nice and easy in soaps translates to boring and back-burnered in the soap world… They’d be happy, but would they have story? And would no story make the fans happy? General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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