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Confession Is Good For the Soul: Is It NOW Time For Jason To Fight on General Hospital (GH)?

Jason and Sam General HospitalJason and Sam General Hospital

When General Hospital’s (GH) Jason first returned from the presumed dead, the wife he’d left behind, Sam, told him she preferred Drew (Billy Miller), the Jason substitute who’d stepped into his life.

Jason (Steve Burton) might have had a feeling about it, we don’t know, there were no facial expressions involved. But he vowed to stay away from Sam, Drew, and Scout, if that’s what Sam truly wanted.

Sam swore that she did. But now, she’s confessed to Jason that she loves him, too. Or instead. Or again. That was kind of hard to make out, too.

So now that Sam has confessed her latest set of feelings, should Jason fight for his woman? Here’s how over 5,000 fans feel about it.

Go Get Her, Tiger!
All bets are off, Jason, 54% of you cheer. You were being a gentleman and keeping your distance when Sam was insisting you were her past and Drew was her future.

But now? What are you waiting for? She wants you, man! And you want her. We… uh… think. (A facial expression would be super-helpful here.)

Besides, Carly (Laura Wright) thinks you belong with Sam, and if you don’t pursue her, she’ll just keep screeching about it, and then she’ll get Sonny (Maurice Benard) to join in, and you know you do whatever he says at the end, so why not just skip the posturing and get with their program.

Stay Away
Keep playing hard to get, chicks dig that, counter a less romantic and more manipulative 45%. Be your classic, stoic, deadpan Jason self. If Sam fell for it once, she’ll fall for it, again. If you change your approach, Sam might change her mind again and go running back to Drew. Stay the course, stick with what works. Let Jason be Jason!

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Video Credit: Ashley Cramni

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