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Willow Tait Cancer Story Travesty Hits Rock Bottom And Beyond On GH

General Hospital takes it to a lower level once again with Willow.

general hospital willow tait with carly spencer and josslyn jacksWillow Tait asked Carly and Joss to be in her wedding.

Every time we think that Willow Tait and the cancer story from hell can’t get any more low or sickening, General Hospital surprises us again. Now, our eyes are collectively so far back in our heads that they may not ever return.

It’s Getting Easier To Hate Willow Tait

There was once a time when Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) was a breath of fresh air. She was feisty, independent, strong, and caring. She escaped a cult leader, broke free of the mom who pimped her out to said cult leader, took on a mean mom as all third-grade teachers do, and found love with a hot cop. Willow had it made. Then, she decided to help out pal Michael (Chad Duell), so the baby she believed was hers would never have to live with that horrible Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier), his mom (and Willow’s twin sister, we only recently learned).

Once Willow became an honorary member of Carly’s Crew (or The Bensons, as many on Twitter like to call them), she became a shadow of her former self, morphing into a stuck-up, shrill young woman who only lived to please Carly’s (Laura Wright) son. Heck, she was horrified when her hot cop Chase (Josh Swickard) didn’t die as she expected after she married him on his alleged deathbed. That meant she couldn’t be free to be with Michael and enjoy all the at-home wine tastings he could arrange for her. Poor, poor Willow.

Willow Gets Cancer

As soon as we learned that Willow really was Nina’s daughter, as we suspected when she first arrived on the scene in 2018 and the mom who was mean to her was actually her own mom, we figured Willow would have some horrible unheard disease, and only Nina (Cynthia Watros) could save her. Well, Willow ended up with a horrible disease, all right, but a pretty common one. The problem was, a pregnant Willow chose not to treat her cancer, which is how she ended up on death’s door.

Yes, she was warned that if she started chemo early in the pregnancy, the fetus might develop wrong, but she was never asked to terminate, nor did she learn that chemo was a certain death sentence for her child. In real life, delaying treatment for leukemia is usually a certain death sentence, but Willow didn’t care. She took her chances and didn’t think of the child she was already raising with Michael, who calls her Mommy. Then, after becoming a nurse, she acted stunned when her cancer progressed to stage 4 once she was ready for treatment.

Willow Tait’s Death’s Door Wish Made Us Sick

All previous attempts to save Willow and find her some bone marrow or stem cells have been for naught as Willow decided she may as well die, and Michael and his family seem okay with that. She completely rejected Nina after learning she was her mother, despite Nina immediately stepping up to be tested as a bone marrow donor. And, she forgave Carly for keeping her true identity a secret from her for nine months.

In fact, her bitter hate for Nina and weird love for Carly have led Willow to ask Carly to be her matron of honor as she marries Michael, right after giving Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) the half-heart necklace from Nina and telling her she never wanted to see it again.

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And we ask one more time — what did Nina ever do to Willow to elicit such strong and spiteful hate except be mean to her when Willow was Charlotte’s third-grade teacher? Willow and Nina even buried the hatchet and became friendly after that, with Nina stepping up to testify against Nelle so Michael and Willow could have custody of Wiley. Even after discovering that Carly kept Nelle’s identity from her, Nina still tried to tell Carly to come fetch her husband on the Pennsylvania side of the river when she found Sonny (Maurice Benard) in Nixon Falls.

But, as Carly and her kids tend to be, Carly was rude to Nina on the phone and wouldn’t let her get a word in edgewise. Should Nina have kept that secret for six months? Nope. But the man in question didn’t even want to know who he was. And what Nina did? Well, she didn’t actually do it to Willow.

Is The Cruelty The Point For Willow Tait?

Willow is so rude and cruel that she apparently blocked Nina’s number when the woman only wants to see her daughter live. A woman who was placed in a coma by her own mother while pregnant and stayed in that coma for 20 years while said mother stole her two children is who Willow just can’t bear to talk to on the phone.

Nina is also a woman who has been sitting at the hospital trying to find any way to save her daughter, will use the publication she owns to promote bone marrow drives, and didn’t just give up on her. Meanwhile, back at the Quartermaine gatehouse where Willow has gone to die, Carly and her son are ready to plan her funeral.

Now that Nina’s Aunt Liesl (Kathleen Gati) is a bone marrow match for this horrible young woman, will we finally see any gratitude from Willow, or will she just continue to be the shrew she has become living in the Cult of Carly?

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