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The Weather Started Getting Rough: A Three-Hour General Hospital Tour

If not for the courage of the fearless crew…will this GH lot get lost?

general hospital victor, trina, ace, spencer, liesl as gilliagan's island characters.Will GH's Minnow...um Haunted Star be lost?

On General Hospital, Victor, Spencer, Ace, Trina, Liesl, and an assortment of faceless mooks — including a nanny — have set out on the high seas. But, oh, no! What if the weather starts getting rough? What if the overpriced ship gets tossed? If not for the courage of the Cass’dine crew, the Star 2 would be lost! The Star 2 would be lost! Now the Star’s aground on the shore of this uncharted desert isle…but who will be who in our 21st Century GH version?

General Hospital: The Millionaire…With No Wife

That first one is easy. Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) is obviously the money-bags who believes his hefty bank account gives him the power — and the right — to do anything he wants. He wanted his nephews? He got his nephews. Who’s going to stop him now?

GH: The Professor

How about…Liesl (Kathleen Gati)? She’s a doctor. And, oh, yeah, and ex(?)-supervillain. This woman wreaked havoc for decades alongside Faison (Anders Hove). She kidnapped Robin (Kimberly McCullough).

She kidnapped baby Rocco. She’s buried two children, and she’s just dumped Scott (Kin Shriner), one of the few men who loved her for who she was. What this means is, Liesl has nothing to lose. Which makes her a very dangerous woman, indeed.

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General Hospital: Ginger or Mary Ann?

Ginger was a sexpot. Mary Ann was the wholesome girl next door. Both were hot. And both are parts of Trina’s (Tabyana Ali) personality. She’s smart and level-headed, like Mary Ann. But have you seen the way Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) looks at her? That’s Ginger-level adoration. Give her both parts – and watch her come out of the whole ordeal a hero!

GH: The Mate Was a Mighty Sailin’ Man

You know how Gilligan was always snatching defeat from the jaws of victory? You know how Spencer is his own worse enemy? So, yeah…that.

General Hospital: The Skipper Brave and Sure

Ace was born able to hold up his own head and sit on Mommy Esme’s (Avery Kristen Pohl) lap. Now, at only a few weeks old, he looks ready to start walking. Which is why he looks ready to take over the whole popsicle stand. By the time the Haunted Star 2 finally docks in Port Charles again, Ace will be running the place. Oh, Captain, my Captain!

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