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The Problem With GH’s Cody Bell And Sasha

Cody Bell isn’t the hero he wants to be.

cody bell and sasha gilmore corbin on general hospital.There's a problem with this GH pairing.

It looks like General Hospital’s latest Sasha Torture Tale chapter might be coming to a close this week as Cody Bell has swooped in to play hero and get Sasha out of Ferncliff.

Cody Bell: White Knight Or Not?

After a rough start, Josh Kelly’s Cody Bell has finally found a bit of a groove and even a conscience since he first parachuted into the Metro Court pool last year. Pairing him with Britt Westbourne didn’t work out, especially since Kelly Thiebaud opted to leave the soap. Fans hadn’t even warmed up to him by the time Britt died and we weren’t sure the show could even salvage the character.

Then, GH decided to give Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) a new friend and fans took a liking. So did Sasha and Cody but the one thing that’s been standing between them is still there even with Cody trying to play Sasha’s hero.

He broke her out of Ferncliff where the evil Dr. Montague (Darin Toonder) was inexplicably drugging her (it didn’t seem that money was the real motive) and they are about to go on the run. This could help send them on their way to classic soap couplehood except for one problem. Cody has known how to help Sasha all along.

General Hospital: Cody Looked Out For Cody

Cody figured out that Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs), Sasha’s legal financial guardian, had been stealing Sasha’s money to pay her gambling debts back in the winter. He knew why Gladys sold Brando’s (Johnny Wactor) garage against Sasha’s wishes, he knew why Gladys set him up to take the fall for stealing an expensive bracelet, and he knew that the longer Sasha remained fooled by Gladys, the worse her life would become.

However, he couldn’t tell anyone that because then he’d give away that he was part of Selina Wu’s (Lydia Look) illegal poker game, risking the law catching up with him, as well as Selina. We watched Cody tread a thin line for months on end knowing if he just told the truth, Sasha could have taken her life back before things spun so out of control.

GH: Where Do Cody Bell And Sasha Go From Here?

Once Gladys is firmly outed as the mother-in-law from hell she really is, Sasha is going to have a lot of questions for the man who got her out of Dr. Montague’s clutches. She had already valued him as a friend and had been growing feelings for him before all hell broke loose. She will realize that if Cody had just spoken up as soon as he knew what Gladys was up to, Sasha never would have ended up drugged out of her mind in Ferncliff with a sadistic doctor who seemed to take pleasure out of hurting her.

GH wants Cody to look like Sasha’s hero to position them for a love story, but with that dark cloud hanging over their head, can their romance really take off?

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