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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For GH: William Lipton

General Hospital actor William Lipton delivered a tour-de-force as Cameron dealt with Joss’s betrayal.

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Cameron Webber (William Lipton) wasted no time in asking ex-girlfriend Joss if Dex was the reason they broke up after he came face to face with the shirtless hunk in Joss’s dorm room. For his portrayal of a crushed but strong young man who’s had his heart broken, Soap Hub bestows Performer of the Week for GH honors upon Lipton.

William Lipton – Performer of the Week

Joss (Eden McCoy) neglected to mention to Cameron that she had taken up with Dex (Evan Hofer) when she was breaking up with him. But Cameron realized what the score was once he was in the presence of Port Charles’s latest (super?) couple.

“Look, man,” began Dex in an attempt to diffuse the volatile situation but Cameron wasn’t interested. “Do not ‘man’…” he shot back, barely able to contain his fury. Hurt, Cameron tried to leave twice, but each time he was convinced to stay.

Lipton clearly conveyed the pain many of us (all of us?) have felt upon being dumped for the first time and then, finding out that the person we loved has taken up with someone else. (And, in this case, as we’ve seen, it’s someone with great abs. Ouch.) “Tell me this, Joss, did you at least wait until after we’d broken up before you slept with him?” Cameron, who already had a good idea as to what the answer was, asked his ex.

The look on Joss’s face gave Cameron his answer. Clearly, Cam is always going to care about Joss. He was genuinely concerned when she relayed to him that she was attacked by the Hook. The cold reality that Joss has moved on with Dex was thrown in Cameron’s face once again after she informed him that Dex played a role in saving her life.

Joss did her best to convince Cameron (and perhaps herself?) that they’d grown apart and their split had nothing to do with Dex. But the pain Cameron felt blinded him to this possibility. “I’m sorry I got in the way of your hook-up,” Cameron snarked, clearly in pain.

Lipton got to paint with more colors of his acting palette after Joss asked Cameron to stay silent about her new beau as her (former)stepdad Sonny (Maurice Benard), Dex’s employer, won’t like it very much. First, Cam was incredulous. After Joss pointed out that the Cameron she knows would never jeopardize someone’s life just for payback. “Maybe you don’t know me as well as you think,” Cameron replied in what read more like a threat than a question.

“You are so selfish! You totally broke my heart but I thought, ‘Hey, it’s okay — at least she’s being honest with me,'” Cameron shouted. “Turns out you were lying. This wasn’t because we ‘grew apart.’ You dumped me because you found a new guy and now you want me to help him? The answer is no, Joss. I am not doing a favor for you and your new boyfriend.”

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Cameron went on to state that he looked forward to the day that Dex would cheat on Joss the way she cheated on him (Cameron). He added that her decision to be with Sonny’s employee came at a cost and that their friendship was “dead and buried.”

The only way these scenes would work is if William Lipton let Cameron’s deep pain and hurt be evident. The actor needed to commit 100% and he did just that. Lipton played both being vulnerable and angry at the same time. McCoy also delivered on the vulnerability. As a result, Cameron couldn’t be affected by Joss’s words.

Alas, that only made his pain deeper. Tears filling his eyes, Cameron asked, “Does he mean that much — and I so little — that you’re willing to compromise yourself and expect me to do the same?”

Cameron finally let Joss know that he wouldn’t be blabbing about her and Dex on the Internet. (He’s probably had enough of his life shared on the Web.) Joss made the wrong move by expressing gratitude. “Don’t you dare thank for me being a better person than you are,” Cameron coldly informed his ex-lover and former friend. “Unlike you, I don’t betray the people I care about.”

Dex may have the aforementioned abs but it was William Lipton who flexed his acting muscles in these scenes. He took his character to new heights. While Cameron’s in great pain, Lipton has every right to feel good about himself. He’s a solid actor and we look forward to what he brings to Cameron next.

Honorable Mention: Kudos to Eden McCoy, who shined as Joss in these scenes. She feels genuine remorse for hurting Cameron even though he can’t see that just yet and may never.

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