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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week for GH: Adam Huss

Adam Huss put Nikolas Cassadine’s regal style on display on GH.

adam huss general hospital performer of the weekAdam Huss shows strength as Nikolas on GH.

Adam Huss has stepped into the role of Nikolas Cassadine on multiple occasions on General Hospital. We’ve seen him admirably take over the part with not much notice and facilitate story points. In his most recent outing, however, Huss brought even more colors to his interpretation of the regal Cassadine heir, who is known for his strength.

Adam Huss – Performer of the Week

Austin (Roger Howarth) was in for a shock when he returned to his isolated abode and found a confident Nikolas packed and ready to go. The good doctor quickly realized he wasn’t going to change Nik’s mind as the prince wasn’t asking to leave but rather he told Dr. Gatlin-Holt that he was headed out the door.

In an effort to at least delay Nikolas’s departure, Austin tried to grill him on a few details. Sure, Nik offered up some specifics but Huss merely strengthened Nik’s position as he responded to Austin’s queries. Nikolas was not going back to Port Charles and he was not going to see Ava (Maura West).

Austin wondered how Nik was going to go to Europe but since when have minor issues like passports and finances been roadblocks for Cassadines? “Austin,” Nik scoffed. “I have multiple accounts and aliases. It’s a simple matter of accessing them.” Huss embraced what it’s like to have Cassadine money on your side with that delivery.

When Austin asked if he was going to contact his mother, Nik, showing how in control of his next move he is, said no — he was just going to make sure that Laura knew that her son was alive. Nikolas continued to keep Austin off guard throughout these scenes. There was no way Austin was going to change his mind.

Nikolas explained to Austin that his son, Spencer (Nicholas Alexander-Chavez), who is out to get his hands on the family fortune, is a Cassadine. “Meaning?” a guarded Austin asked. “I don’t expect him to act any differently toward me than I would act towards someone who stands in my way,” Nikolas added. Holding his gaze on his scene partner, Huss had Nik add a slight facial movement just in case Austin hadn’t gotten the message — you’re not going to stop me.

Still, Austin tossed out the idea of Nik staying with him one last time. However, the duplicitous doctor knew that his former charge’s mind was already made up. “It’s time for a family reunion,” Nikolas cryptically to Austin as he walked out the door. Here’s hoping that another reunion — between Adam Huss and GH viewers — is on the way, too!

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