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Preemie: That General Hospital Word Does Not Mean What You Think It Means

Why we’re not worried about the new GH baby.

general hospital has a new baby on the scene and she's bigThis General Hospital baby is adorable -- and big!

Willow Tait was a teacher, and now she’s a nurse at General Hospital. Yet all that education seems to be useless when it comes to Willow’s own health. First, she refused to get cancer treatment, even though doctors told her chemotherapy wouldn’t hurt the baby after the first trimester. Then, when the only way to save Willow’s life was a stem-cell transplant from her unborn daughter, Willow refused to have her labor induced. She wouldn’t risk her baby’s life by having her be born prematurely. Except…well…hmm.

General Hospital: Four By Four

Willow’s baby is not all that premature. Baby Girl Tait-Corinthos was due in February. So, at most, she is four weeks early. That’s pretty much full-term. She is at very little risk. The worst that could happen is that since she’s being delivered by C-section, she might have fluid in her lungs. Doctors have ways to fix that. Willow is a nurse. She should have covered that in nursing school.

GH: All Good

But it doesn’t look like even that’s a problem for the tot. Viewers met this preemie. And she looks…six months old. Chubby cheeks. Chubby thighs. She practically held up her head! I know we’re supposed to be super, super worried about whether or not she will make it. And no baby is safe from every danger. But this one looks…pretty good. Michael (Chad Duell) could swoop her up, and take her straight to her mama, and nothing bad will come of it.

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General Hospital Risk Factor

As for the stem-cell transplant itself, it can’t hurt the baby. The blood is taken from her umbilical cord — no need to so much as open a vein. Willow is the one whose life is in danger. Her little girl is perfectly fine. We’re not sure why her parents are worried. We’re not.

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