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On the Couch: Why GH’s Anna Devane Doesn’t Mind Valentin’s Lies

Is her GH past getting in the way of their future?

anna devane of general hospital on the soap hub couch.It's Anna Devane's turn on the couch.

If Valentin is lying to Anna Devane on General Hospital now about his involvement in her stalking, it won’t be the first time. Valentin has lied to Anna before. Many, many times before. And we’re not talking about before they became a couple.

On The Couch: Anna Devane

We’re talking about even after, such as when he was scheming against Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) and not filling Anna (Finola Hughes) in. Anna knows the man she claims to love is a liar. So why doesn’t she mind? A stint on our couch will explain everything.

GH: Takes One To Know One

From a moral standpoint, Anna can hardly get on her high horse. She’s certainly told her share of lies. And she can’t even claim she doesn’t lie to people she loves. She certainly lied to Robert (Tristan Rogers) when they were first married. And, more recently, she constantly lied to Finn (Michael Easton) to keep protecting Peter (Wes Ramsey). So if Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is lying to her, who is she to quibble?

Anna Devane: Grownups

Anna is also old enough and smart enough to know that adults don’t need to tell their partners everything. She is allowed to have her own life. He is allowed to have his own life. They are allowed to have relationships with other people which they don’t tell all about. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) doesn’t need to tell her everything about Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez). Anna doesn’t need to tell him everything about Robin (Kimberly McCullough). Or about their friends.

Fear No General Hospital Evil

But the main reason Anna doesn’t press Valentin on his lies is because…she doesn’t want to know. Remember Peter? Wasn’t Anna happier when she thought her nephew was a flawed but ultimately decent person, than when she had evidence he wasn’t — but still allowed her guilt to continue making excuses for her?

It’s the same with Valentin. Anna knows what he’s capable of. But she’d rather believe in the good about him…rather than find out he isn’t…but still allow her guilt over her own past actions to continue making excuses for him.

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