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Coming NEXT WEEK: The REAL Jason…REVEALED on General Hospital (GH)

Jason and Jason on General HospitalJason and Jason on General Hospital

If you think things have been moving at a hurried pace in the Two Jasons story on General Hospital (GH), that’s because it has been and it’s not about to slow down.

Next week, Patient 6 is no more and there will be a Jason and a Drew and we (and they) finally learn who is who.

Yes, Franco (Roger Howarth) knows the secret, courtesy of Andre (Anthony Montgomery), but it will be Andre who will reveal the secret when Jordan convinces her ex-lover to come clean, according to the December 4 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Head Writer Shelly Altman explained how Andre became part of this story seemingly out of nowhere. It turned out another writer, Dan O’Connor, realized that Andre came on the scene just as the Jason reveal happened two years ago–when Jake Doe was told he was Jason Morgan.

As memories surfaced in Jake Doe, Andre became a more prominent character around Port Charles. So, the two things happening at once helped things mesh together now so that it would make some sense that Andre was there. Perhaps we will learn he moved to Port Charles just to monitor memories.

Of course, before the truth is revealed, the man Soap Hub now calls Chatty Jason (Billy Miller) begs Sam (Kelly Monaco) to once again tell him she believes he is Jason Morgan and Sam just can’t do that.

“She loves the life they’re trying to build and the life he’s promised her,” Altman tells Digest. “But she’s always been the ride-or-die woman. It’s a really, really difficult position she finds herself in now and will continue to.”

That makes us think Steve Burton is indeed Jason Morgan, but Altman also tells Digest this story is FAR from over.

“The reveal of who is who is only the next little step in this very big story,” she says. “It’s not the ending at all, that’s for sure, because obviously a number of characters are going to be profoundly affected by learning the true identity of these two men. It’s just the bridge to the next really huge arc of this story.”

That also sends the Soap Hub thought wheels turning. Maybe this reveal came so soon because there’s a MUCH bigger one coming–like who Andrew really is…

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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