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Does Chase Hold The Key To Nelle’s Past On General Hospital (GH)?

Chase and Nelle General HospitalChase and Nelle General Hospital

It was brief and seemed inconsequential when Chase and Nelle ended up in the same General Hospital (GH) scene recently, but maybe there was a reason behind it.

Yes, it was blink and you could miss it, but that’s often how a soap lays down clues. Chase (Josh Swickard) didn’t see Nelle (Chloe Lanier) when she fell, he only saw Carly (Laura Wright) when he was called to the Q’s. So, remember, Nelle was never able to prove that she didn’t murder her former fiance.

That story was actually quickly dropped, but as Nelle got more twisted during her pregnancy, the prospect that she really may have done the deed got more real. It seems nothing is beneath Nelle–and maybe even murder.

We do know that drowning case (in which Nelle claimed she couldn’t swim and then turned out to be a champion swimmer) was an unsolved mystery in the New England area. And wasn’t Chase just doing his detective thing in the New England area?

Perhaps he was the cop on this cold case and he knows things that he can now manage to prove. Maybe it’s a case he couldn’t solve that prompted him to move to Port Charles when he had the chance.

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Michael (Chad Duell) is now digging up things on Janelle Benson with the help of Spinelli. It seems like this dead fiance matter is bound to come up again and this time Michael will want real answers.

He knows Nelle has been pulling one over on him her entire pregnancy and it could all go back to this one thing that caused her psychotic break.

It’s Dante’s stepmother on trial for killing Nelle, which gives Chase a connection to this mess all over again. It may not happen or it may, but it’s about time we learned everything about that little boating “accident”.

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