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Carly And Sonny Burnout: The Case For BRENDA On General Hospital (GH)

Brenda and Sonny of General HospitalBrenda and Sonny of General Hospital

Even Sonny said it last week on General Hospital (GH). He and Carly fight, they get over it, they fight some more.

They also get married, divorced, and married again. And round and round they go. While the couple certainly has their fan base, never forget there was one other woman in Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) life who came long before Carly (Laura Wright)…and is still out there.

That’s right. Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) is just a plane ride away in Europe, and we see no reason why she can’t return to spice things up in Port Charles. There’s never a dull moment when Brenda’s around–especially for Sonny.

Heck, the pair even made it down the aisle once after YEARS of thinking that would never happen. Remember, Sonny even left Brenda standing at the altar once.

We can still remember all the times Sonny left Brenda standing in the rain, and all the times they passionately reunited. When Sonny thought Brenda was dead, we’ll never forget the looks on both their faces when she appeared before his eyes alive.

When both characters were introduced to GH, neither truly took off until they found each other, and that was more than 20 years ago.

And then there was Jax. He got in Sonny and Brenda’s way and is once again in Sonny and Carly’s way, although Sonny somehow got him deported back to Australia. At the moment, Sonny and Carly are stale and their story never changes.

Carly doesn’t want the mob danger, Sonny always puts their family in danger, rinse, repeat. What’s left for them except some shock when Morgan eventually shows up alive?

Brenda can give them something to do, and maybe even win Sonny’s heart once again. We’re willing to give it a try. But is GH–and actress Vanessa Marcil?

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