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Carly And PETER?! Is General Hospital Really Going There?

Carly and Peter General HospitalCarly and Peter General Hospital

New publicity photos released by ABC have General Hospital (GH) fans wondering what direction Peter August, aka Henrik Faison, is really headed in.

Typically, a soap will pair on-screen love interests together in publicity shots, and that gives us a pretty good idea what the end game is in many love triangles.

However, this new photo of Carly and Peter, played by off-screen lovebirds Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey, has people scratching their heads.

The soap has another off-screen coupling that didn’t get its own publicity shot. Anthony Montgomery and Vinessa Antoine (Andre and Jordan) have been together for two years, but we only see her in ABC photos with Donnell Turner, as Jordan and Curtis are the couple to watch.

So, is GH trying to tell us something with this shot of Carly and Peter. The two have only shared one scene together since he joined the show when Carly ran into her hotel guest, Peter, at the Metro Court elevator and exchanged some small talk. That’s it.

Carly is currently married to Sonny and deeply embroiled in Nelle’s plot to bring her down, while she readies to go on trial for “pushing” a pregnant Nelle down the stairs.

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Meanwhile, Peter is tied to the bed in a cabin in the woods while Nina and Obrecht torture him. He clearly has feelings for Maxie, but now that Maxie knows who he is, and how much he lied, she wants nothing to do with him.

When Carly is finally free, will the fact that Sonny didn’t believe her at first when she said Nelle was gaslighting her cause a rift between them?

That could set things up for taking both characters in brand-new directions once their current story arcs wrap. You know Anna won’t let her long-lost son languish in prison once found and Carly will surely one up Nelle.

This photo has to mean something, so we’ll just wait and see.

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