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Can Ava Ever Stoop Any Lower on General Hospital?

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Yes, killers abound on soaps (especially on General Hospital) and often get away with their crimes. Somehow we can swallow that, even from lowly murderers like Ava. She killed Connie in cold blood, everyone knows it, and she never pays the price. But, she’s entertaining so we live with it.

However, when we have to watch the results of another senseless misdeed play out over weeks, it brings home what a depraved character this is.

What actual purpose did it serve Ava (Maura West) to switch out Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) bipolar meds with a placebo? Did she really need to keep him away from Kiki (Hayley Erin) that bad that she would risk both Morgan’s life–and her daughter’s? She already knows how dangerous Morgan was before he got his life under control thanks to the right medication. Heck, Kiki was even shot during that mess and lingered in a coma for weeks. How did Ava not think ahead when she came up with this plan?

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Now, as we watch Morgan unravel once again, we’re reminded just what a horrible woman Ava really is. Even her sheepishness when she told Scott how she switched the pills couldn’t entertain us anymore. Morgan feels lost, hopeless, and helpless once again and has no idea why. His father–who also suffers from bipolar and knows how meds work for him–has no clue how this is happening. Sonny (Maurice Benard) promised Morgan he’d get better, and now feels like a failure.

Bipolar is a very real disease, and what’s happening to Morgan can happen to anyone who goes off their meds–willingly or through deception. While the story sets up Bryan Craig’s imminent departure from the show, it also shows us there’s no low to which Ava Jerome won’t stoop. As she begs Paul (Richard Burgi) not to turn her in for Connie’s murder, we find ourselves rooting on a serial killer for justice.

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