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Brotherly Love: Is It Time The ‘Quartermaine Twins’ Start Showing Some?

Jason and Drew General HospitalJason and Drew General Hospital

Isn’t it nice that Alan Quartermaine produced identical twins that don’t look anything alike on General Hospital (GH)?

Two Jason Q’s
Well, of course, plastic surgery took away the identical part, but they were kinda born with the same personalities. It’s just that a drunk AJ Quartermaine took care of the personality part more than two decades ago.

Because really, tell us that Drew (Billy Miller) is not Jason Quartermaine before the accident and all grown up. It’s why we’ll always like him.

And why Monica (Leslie Charleson) holds on tight. She has her son back. And now she has the other son back, too. The one who grunts and barely blinks, but we like him, too. Cause that’s just Stone Cold.

A Boy Knows All
But, after about nine months, is it time these two brothers start acting like brothers rather than mortal enemies? The wedge between them – Sam – is really no longer a wedge. She left Drew and didn’t immediately return to Jason (Steve Burton). She made her choice and no one forced the issue.

This week, we got a bit of a thaw between the two men thanks to the boy both have thought of as a son. He IS Jason’s son (but legally Lucky’s, let’s never forget that), and Drew thought he was his son when he thought he was Jason, but now Jake just wants everyone to get along.

So, he invited My Two Dads (no, not Greg Evigan’s Jim Harvey) out to a baseball game and Soap Hub decided we want more. But, how do you feel, GH fans?

BFF Time
Ok, you want more, too. After more than 5,000 votes were tallied, a full 95% of you want these twins to become friends.

Let Sam do her thing and wherever she ends up is her decision. That shouldn’t keep them from forming a bond and making Monica one very happy mom.

Mortal Enemies
Of course, there is 5% of you who just say no. They have no reason to like each other, did not grow up together, and Sam (Kelly Monaco) will always come between them because she’s bound to end up with one of them, once she figures out what she really wants. Keep them, enemies, you say. It’s the only way to go.

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