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Brother Or Not? Could Chase Be Finn’s SON On General Hospital?

Chase and Finn General HospitalChase and Finn General Hospital

There’s something very odd about how adamantly Finn wants absolutely nothing to do with his half-brother on General Hospital (GH).

This seems less like family resentment and more like a family secret than anything else right now and Soap Hub thinks we have it all figured out. Chase isn’t Finn’s brother, he’s his SON.

Of course, this is pure speculation, but we already known Finn (Michael Easton) is a lot older than Chase (Josh Swickard), and, by the sounds of things, he was old enough to father a child by the time the younger man was born.

Perhaps Finn didn’t resent his father for re-marrying. Maybe he resented his father for marrying a woman he was in love with. And, maybe that woman was pregnant with his child when she wed.

Of course, Finn could have also had an affair with his stepmother. Perhaps she was a younger woman and close in age to Finn. Or, perhaps the woman was robbing the cradle with her handsome stepson.

Either way, that would make things a whole lot more interesting than having a brother you just don’t like very much for no real compelling reason.

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We still have no idea why if Chase and Finn have the same father that their last names are different. (Remember, their first names are Harrison and Hamilton, but nobody actually calls them that.)

Perhaps Chase’s parentage could explain the last name thing, as well. And wouldn’t it be fun if Finn fathering Chase came out right around the same time Hayden (Rebecca Budig) returns with his child? (Cause we KNOW that will happen eventually.) Instant Daddy Time!!!

Remember, this is only a theory and one we think has some merit. At least it would make things a lot more interesting…

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Video Credit: Victoria Barajas

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