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Bring ‘Em Back Alive! THESE People Belong In Port Charles!

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General Hospital (GH) has lost quite a few beloved characters over the last year or so–and one not-so-beloved one.

Soap Hub asked which characters you want brought back the most. With two women, bodies were found. With two men, their bodies remain out there. But, even when bodies are found, never say never on a soap.

Dear Nikolas
Out of nearly 7,000 votes, 39% of you want the Dark Prince back at Wyndemere where he belongs, battling it out with Valentin for his house and the family fortune.

As we’ve gotten to know Valentin, we’ve started to doubt he killed Nikolas in cold blood and even wonder if both Cassadines faked Nik’s death. While we’d love to see Tyler Christopher again, we know he’s going to DAYS, sowe’re okay if Nick Stabile or someone else plays the role.

Oh, Morgan!
Coming in a close second with 38% of the vote is Morgan, who allegedly blew up in a car bomb meant for Julian (William deVry), but of course, no body found.

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That means Morgan (Bryan Craig) can still be out there somewhere and rather than just hearing about him and how allegedly wonderful he was in every episode, we’d get to see him and learn if he’s changed his ways a bit while gone.

Sweet Sabrina
It turns out 20% of you want Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) back and still don’t understand why she was killed since Michael’s chemistry with Nelle is practically non-existent. Yes, you saw a body, but suspend your disbelief. On daytime, bodies don’t mean a thing.

Hellacious Helena
The final 4% of you want Helena back alive, and not just as well-dressed figments of Jake and Jason’s imaginations.

It’s not like GH can’t get Constance Towers back on the set. It’s also not like we ever believed her corny death scene with the untrustworthy Nikolas declaring his grandmother a goner. See, it’s easy to bring Helena back for the umpteenth time.

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