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Bobbie’s Smooth General Hospital Move Wins 2020

Bobbie General HospitalBobbie General Hospital

Sometimes there are small moments on a soap that you just can’t forget — and that also make you smile. On Wednesday, General Hospital gave us such a moment when Bobbie cleverly got back at Scotty for being a horrible date.

Payback Time For Bobbie

As a nervous Scotty (Kin Shriner) kept checking his phone and shelling peanuts at The Floating Rib, Bobbie was just trying to chat about life and how hard it is for her not to be at the hospital after all these staffing changes had been made.

Scotty did the typical male nodding, but it was clear he didn’t hear a word she was saying. Soon it became clear to Bobbie, as well. So, when Scott excused himself for a few minutes leaving his credit card, Bobbie took the opportunity for some payback when the check arrived.

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Soap Hub had to rewind a bit to figure out why GH was showing a closeup of the check as Bobbie filled out the credit card slip. It then became apparent to us how awesome the preceding scenes really were because Bobbie slyly left a $35 tip on a $20 check just to get back at the man who was ignoring her.

Then, when Scotty returned to the table, she promptly dumped him as many of us would have at that point. That’s when he noticed that she left a tip that was bigger than the bill.

This pair has been around the block with one another a time or two over the decades and we knew this would never work out — especially when Scott proposed to Bobbie last year just because he was lonely. They gave it another shot on a casual basis but Bobbie did the right thing the right way and it made us realize just how much she is needed back onscreen on a regular basis. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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