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We All Knew Who General Hospital Needed To Solve The Serial Killer Story

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The General Hospital serial killer storyline has been going on for endless months, but it finally kicked into high gear last week.

While Ava (Maura West) has known Paul Hornsby (Richard Burgi) committed the crimes for a while, it took a bit longer for some others to catch on. In the meantime, we almost lost Monica (Leslie Charleson) and we did lose Sabrina (Teresa Castillo). Soap Hub asked who you thought was the biggest hero in this never-ending story and you definitely felt there wasn’t a clear-cut winner.

Professional on the Case
With almost 5,000 votes tallied, nearly half of you – 48% – felt that Anna (Finola Hughes) was the standout crime solver. After all, she was only in town about five minutes before she had the whole thing figured out! She found those cufflinks by accident in Paul’s drawer, and it was off to the races for her. Thank goodness, because if it had been left up to the PCPD and Jordan (Vinessa Antoine), they would have been finding Tracy’s body – not the killer.

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A Son’s Love
A healthy 36% of you felt that Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) was the unsung hero in this story. He was the one who saved his mother’s life by getting her away from his psychotic father. Dillon spoke his emotional truth to Paul, inching up closer and closer every few seconds until he was able to remove the binding around his mother’s wrists and set her free. It couldn’t have been easy since he’d only just heard what his father was up to a few minutes earlier.

Amateur Sleuth
Still 17% were impressed that Tracy (Jane Elliot) put the pieces together. She more than once inadvertently saved Monica’s life as Paul lurked nearby, determined to finish the job. Of course, she only solved it because she was meddling into his personal business but thank goodness she did before more people lost their lives to her nutty ex.

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