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Big Boy: Should Jake Be SORAS’d On General Hospital (GH)?

General Hospital JakeGeneral Hospital Jake

There is no doubt that Jake is the most important child on the General Hospital (GH) canvas. His mom, Liz (Rebecca Herbst), is Port Charles’ sweetheart – despite a wayward teen period when she (gasp!) smoked!

And his dad… Well, Jason (Steve Burton) is his biological father, but he stepped aside and let Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) raise Jake as Liz’s husband. Lucky is also the one who found and brought Jake home when he was presumed dead.

Drew (Billy Miller) got close with Jake when he was presumed to be Jason, and the boy still loves him. And then there’s Franco (Rebecca Herbst), Liz’s latest man, who is also obsessed with her son.

So, now that Cam is finally the right age, is it time to age Jake with him so that a whole other demographic can fall under his spell? Here’s how over 7,000 voted.

There is just so much cuteness that 53% of you can take. Jake’s story seems to have run its course, now that he’s been found, got his dads straightened out, and whatever happened while he was on Helena’s island has been swept under the rug.

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So, sure, go ahead and age him. Jake can then battle Oscar for Joss (Eden McCoy), or some other girl. We’ll see which “son” Drew prefers then. We already know whose child Carly (Laura Wright) will champion!

Stay a Kid
We don’t need a bigger teen scene, 46% counter. Teens are boring. Besides, Cameron has joined Oscar and Joss, making Jake the same age as them would be weird. (Not weirder than Cam staying the same age for half a decade while everyone else grew past him, but still weird).

Little Jake brings out the best in all of the adults he interacts with. You don’t want to risk that.

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