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The Best Thing To Happen When Ryan Is Caught On General Hospital

Ava and Laura General Hospital Jan 30Ava and Laura General Hospital

It hit Soap Hub yesterday that something absolutely glorious can come out of this whole Ryan serial-killing mess on General Hospital. A mature and very natural friendship between Ava and Laura.

Yes, the story’s keeping us on the edge of our seats now, but there will come a point (maybe quite soon) where it’s been overplayed and will have to draw to a natural conclusion — Ryan is caught and those he fooled will have to deal with the fallout.

And just look at the two women he’s fooled the most. He has Ava — the Queen of Low Self-Esteem — convinced the upstanding Dr. Kevin Collins is in love with her and she leans on him like a rock through her grief.

Of course, he’s the one who caused her grief by brutally murdering her daughter and when she learns that, there will certainly be hell to pay in scenes we already crave.

To Laura, Ava is the woman who her husband left her for out of the blue. It never made sense to Laura and it still doesn’t. And, we’re not quite sure any of this makes sense to Ava either.

When Laura showed up at Ava’s with flowers after Kiki died, it was an awkward, but also warm moment. When Ava offered Laura coffee yesterday in the hospital, it was a small gesture, but one where we suddenly saw the potential.

Maura West and Genie Francis are soap legends. They’ve done what they do best for decades and the chemistry between them has been obvious in the scenes they’ve shared in this storyline.

Just think about all they’ll have to bond over when Ryan is finally out of their lives. Both were duped. One lost a child to his hands, the other almost lost one.

And, just imagine if both these women with a mission take down one deranged serial killer — that could make them best friend forever, and it’s just what Soap Hub wants.

To the Ava naysayers out there, we ask that you keep an open mind. When she’s taken out of Sonny and Carly’s orbit, you might just like what you see.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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