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Back To Basics: Are You Happy Bobbie Is Getting A Story On General Hospital?

Bobbie and Scotty General HospitalBobbie and Scotty General Hospital

Ask any General Hospital fan out there who has watched the show for 25 years or more to name an MVP character and chances are Bobbie Jones will be mentioned. The problem is that the writers haven’t seen fit to gift the glorious Jacklyn Zeman with a meaty storyline in years.

However, in the past few weeks, Bobbie has actually seen a return to the front burner and she has actually been given some weighty material. A fainting spell resulted in blood work that revealed Bobbie is suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

She took the news awfully hard but then became determined to get her condition under control and maintain a healthy regiment that will keep her around for years to come. And this week Scotty stunned his ex by popping the question though he was devastated when Bobbie said no.

So, what are fans thinking about Bobbie’s increased onscreen presence? Are they happy that she is finally getting a story after all these years? Here’s what 14,000 voters had to say.

Thumbs Up
Over 81% of you gave Bobbie’s extra screen time an enthusiastic thumbs up! You’re happy to see her in a storyline concerning her health as it really sells the fact that the soap is called General Hospital. You’re also happy to see Bobbie’s offspring, Carly and Lucas, rally around their mother offering her comfort and a dose of tough love.

You’re also very happy to have Scotty back in Bobbie’s orbit and you were both shocked and delighted when he proposed marriage to Bobbie his, “old shoe.” And, even though Bobbie turned him down, you still hope to see more of these two. The magic is still there even after all these years.

Thumbs Down
However, there are some naysayers among you. In fact, 19% of you are giving Bobbie a thumbs down. Now in fairness, a lot of you simply don’t like this particular storyline for her. Why, you ask, does Bobbie have to be battling a medical crisis? Especially one as serious as Type 2 Diabetes.

Many who voted no said they believe that as soon as GH has distributed all the facts and statistics about the sugar disease then Bobbie will fade right into the background yet again. You don’t want to get invested just to get burned down the road. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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