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Awards Season! Fans Vote On Their Favorite Part of General Hospital’s Nurse’s Ball!

General Hospital Nurses Ball 2019Nurses Ball 2019

The Nurse’s Ball is a General Hospital tradition dating all the way back to before Stone died or Robin was diagnosed with HIV. Some things return year after year (though not always every year).

Group numbers, hidden talents, Lucy somehow managing to lose all her clothes yet again. And some things are one-offs. Deaths, births, break-ups, make-ups.

So which one is your favorite part of this annual event? Almost 19,000 fans shared their opinions with us:

Sing It Loud!
It’s always the music, 42% of the audience voted. There is nothing more fun than hearing current pop hits and classic oldies as re-imagined by your favorite characters. Who knew bad guy Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) took time out every day from his bad guy-ing to practice piano?

Or that police chief Anna (Finola Hughes) and nurse Bobbie (Jaclyn Zeman) can dance like, well, someone who did it professionally for a good chunk of their lives? Or that everyone’s voice sounds like it’s been identically autotuned? That’s worth tuning in for!

The music is nice, 27% of you dismiss, but you tune into GH for the stories, and that’s what keeps you watching during the Nurse’s Ball. If plots don’t get moved forward, all the singing and dancing in the world isn’t going to hold your attention.

Fashion Police
But, let’s get real, for 18% of the viewers, the highlight of the Nurse’s Ball is seeing what everyone has chosen to wear. It’s nice to finally get out of scrubs and lab-coats, police uniforms and mob-wear and go glam. Time to channel your inner Joan Rivers!

Silly String
Only 11% are in this for the red-carpet silliness. This isn’t an awards show, folks, and who really cares about new arrivals — even when they’re as hot as Jax (Ingo Rademacher) — to some hospital fundraiser in upstate New York? Drop the mic, Nina (Michelle Stafford).

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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