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Has Ava Hit Rock Bottom? Or Is There Further To Fall?

Ava on General HospitalAva on General Hospital

Ava has hit some lows in her life on General Hospital (GH), especially since moving to Port Charles. She’s been in jail several times, fell off a bridge, and nearly died of cancer, but is there anything worse than this queen of vanity losing her looks from burns over half her body?

On top of the aesthetic aspect, the burns also come with pain and are now causing depression. Soap Hub asked if Ava’s new low and depression will get the best of her or if the old Ava is under those bandages somewhere.

Nothing Can Get Her Down
Out of more than 6,000 votes, a small majority, 53% to be exact, think Ava (Maura West) will power through this terrible time in her life and come out on the other side, looks returned and determined personality in tact.

You can’t imagine Ava changing forever and her tenacity is what you love about her, despite all the horrific things she’s done. Ava is a trooper and comes back from the worst of times, yet never seems to ever hit the best of times because she then always sabotages herself.

However, you expect to see her back ready to destroy her life and other lives once again or she wouldn’t be Ava.

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Lower Than Low
Then there are 47% of you who think this is it. Ava has hit the lowest point in her life and she may never be the same again.

She’s finally beginning to realize all her schemes led her to this moment–one in which she can barely look in the mirror not only because of her burns, but because of all the pain she’s caused others.

It’s clear she never meant to cause Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) death, but her own selfishness and recklessness helped do exactly that and now she has to live with the consequences. You don’t think it can get worse than that.

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