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Andrew Cain: THIS Is Where The Story Begins On General Hospital (GH)

Drew on General HospitalDrew on General Hospital

Since the moment Steve Burton walked back into Port Charles, we knew who he was. Everyone who met him just knew. Some were totally blunt about it, while others on General Hospital–um, Sam, Liz–didn’t want to admit it. But, they knew.

We suspect deep down inside even Drew knew. He never embraced the Jason Morgan identity until those memories came flooding into his head–the memories of someone else. And once he had the memories, he did everything to distance himself from this man.

But, he fell in love with his brother’s wife before he ever had memories of loving her and that’s just the way things worked out for him.

He has a wife, he has a daughter, he has a life even if it’s not really Jason Morgan’s life, but clearly, he had a life before. As a Navy SEAL no less. No wonder he was all about not breaking the law, although he broke the law plenty in his Jason Morgan life.

But, what came before? How did the Andrew that Betsy Frank dropped at an orphanage end up in the military?

Soap Hub still maintains that Andrew Cain spent his childhood as Jason Quartermaine and somehow he became Andrew Cain when a switch was made after AJ drove into a tree, and the real Drew became Jason Morgan.

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Which begs us to question–why were THESE two men chosen as prototypes for this memory experiment? We spent nearly 20 years believing Jason Q woke up without memories one day and became Jason M. But, how long has a memory game been going on with Alan’s sons?

It seems Jason’s story has been about memories for over 20 years–so what about the man known as Drew Cain’s memories? They are there somewhere if he recognized Kim, and they may tell us more than we ever thought we knew.

Revealing Steve Burton is playing Jason Morgan quickly was a necessity, because that was only a small part of this VERY big story and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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