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Really, Never, EVER: General Hospital (GH) Fans Sound Off On Anna Sleeping With Faison

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General Hospital (GH) fans have been asked to accept quite a bit over the years. That a deadly plague could come to Port Charles via bunny. That a supervillain has a machine to freeze the world – using diamond dust.

That space aliens are living among us. That Luke Spencer has a lookalike cousin. That a mobster is the most moral man in town. That toddlers can return from the dead, and that memories can be stored on flash drives.

But, the thing they are having the hardest time buying at the moment is that Anna (Finola Hughes), who spent literally decades avoiding Faison’s (Andres Hove) creepy, psychotic stalking, would actually sleep with him–voluntarily, give birth to his child, send said child away, and block it so thoroughly out of her mind that it never so much as bubbled to the surface for an instant. (Maybe she took lessons from Laura and Nikolas.)

Do you believe that Anna would have slept with Faison? Here’s what over 5,000 shell-shocked viewers said:

Heck, No, This Won’t Go
Never, assert a confident 79%.

Not the Anna we watched fall in love with and marry Robert (Tristan Rogers) in flashbacks, and not the one we’ve seen in Port Charles (and Pine Valley), since.

Sure, Anna may have hidden Robin (Kimberly McCullough) from Robert and passed herself off as just a family friend, but Anna loved Robert, she felt guilty for having betrayed him. And, oh, yeah, she absolutely adored her child.

This is not a woman who would leave her kid without a second-glance, especially since he may have ended up in Faison’s clutches, anyway. But that’s neither here nor there, since Anna never had a child with Faison, since she never slept with him in the first place. This story better have one heck of a twist coming.

Just Business
Spies honey-pot their targets all the time, remind a more realistic 20%. Anna did whatever she needed to bring down Faison. Sleeping with him was just part of the job. And Henrik is just collateral damage (if he is her child).

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