You’ll Never Believe The Horrible Things Bachelor Fans Tell Demi Burnett

Demi Burnett The BachelorDemi Burnett The Bachelor

Bachelor contestant Demi Burnett is standing up for herself amid all the haters! The 24-year-old was a bit of a controversial contestant during Colton Underwood’s season, but she’s taking the good with the bad.

Burnett famously opened up to Underwood about her mother, Tina Jean Jordan, being in federal prison.

Though the discussion was hard and painful, Burnett has received a lot of support from other people who are in a similar situation.

“There’s a lot of support. There’s some people who tell me that I’m going to end up in prison like my mom but, you know, they don’t faze me,” she told Us Weekly.

“[Haters say that] just because I’m scandalous. But I have gotten a lot of people who’ve come out and they’re like, ‘Thank you for speaking about this. I have a parent in prison too and nobody ever talks about it or understands it’ and I like that a lot. That makes me feel good.”

Burnett was also criticized while on the show for being forward about her desire to take Underwood’s virginity, but she’s not ashamed of that either.

“Whenever I was growing up, I felt that I needed to not be sexual, I needed to be perfect and couldn’t say things people didn’t want me to hear and I put myself in a box for a long time,” she explained.

“And then once I went to college and suddenly started reaching out of that box, I was like, ‘This feels better. This feels better.’ So I just want to encourage everybody to be whoever you want to be.”

She continued, “You can be that person who isn’t sexual and that’s fine. Or you can be more sexual than me. You can be crazy, you can do whatever you want to do. Just accept people and accept yourself and own it. Bottom line, own who you are.”

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