Will and Grace Recap: We’re Getting Older on Season 9, Ep 2

Hysterical physical comedy is a Will & Grace trademark. Always has been. So when Jack and Will get their vintage Madonna on, in choreographed moves that are so outrageous we have to laugh, we know this time-honored sitcom is back.

This kind of visual humor also comes to pass when Grace (Debra Messing) and Karen (Megan Mullally) almost drown in an extravagant bathroom upgrade.

Akin to the antics of Lucy And Ethel, the wacky pair end up neck deep in water as they clash over something relatively insignificant.

Karen, who can’t remember the password to stop the water from rising, isn’t concerned about the situation. She simply wants a raise.

Grace, who is shocked at what she considers a ludicrous request, is so fearful she’ll drown that she almost kills herself trying for a calmer presence.

Suddenly, just as she’s about to give up, Grace gets her wish thanks to  Karen who distracts her friend/boss as she always does when this neurotic but lovable character can’t handle what’s happening.

Another person who is finding it hard to handle what’s happening is Jack (Eric McCormack). The usually fearless jokester, having been feeling kind of stale in the love department, is courting a younger guy and, as a result, is feeling old.

To look his best, or hopefully better, Jack goes to Karen for some rejuvenation efforts. She fits him for a fat compression suit to make her pal appear younger and more appealing. Alas, this is for naught because Jack seems to be forever confined in the equivalent of a chastity belt, missing his call to copulate.

Then there’s Will’s date with younger (read: youngster) Blake, a 23-year-old gay dude who pursued the cute lawyer because he thinks Will looks like a news anchor. Stereotypes, much? In any case, Will is flattered until he realizes the two have nothing in common.

Still, sex is sex–or is it? When Truman gets a true ultimatum–a hook-up or a history lecture?–Will goes for the latter and ends up appalled at how little the gay struggle means to the wannabe young lover. Also, Blake doesn’t dig Madonna. Say what?

Will & Grace air on NBC Thursdays at 8 p.m., ET.

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