Top Five OMG Moments From BH 90210 Episode 2

BH 90210 Gabrielle August 15, 2019BH 90210 Gabrielle

Nostalgia is in, reboots are hot, and FOX wants a new iteration of Beverly Hills, 90210 — but the problem facing Tori Spelling in the newest episode of BH 90210 – entitled The Pitch – is how to convince her fellow actors to do it.

She tries telling them that reprising the roles that brought them fame (but little fortune) is the best course of action for all of their careers. Sure, she knows that gal pal Jennie Garth is a shoo-in but the rest of the cast are going to be tough sells.

Sexual Exploration
Still reeling from her lesbian experience in Las Vegas, Gabrielle takes a meeting with Tori and promises to join the reboot if they can do something drastic with the character of Andrea. Tori’s all for spitballing ideas but Gabrielle’s come prepared. Wouldn’t it be swell, she proposes, if Andrea were to explore her sexuality? Tori loves it!

Seeking A Compromise
Turns out Tori might not be able to rely on Jennie appearing on the new show after all. Kyler, Jennie’s teenage daughter, has just filed for emancipation because momma bear has put her foot down and declared no acting jobs until the girl is over 18.

But a conversation with Jason gives Jennie an idea. She will sign on for the reboot IF Kyler is given a recurring role on the series. And that just so happens to be a compromise that Tori can make.

A Tricky Situation
Jason agrees to board the new project but only if he gets to direct the pilot episode. Done deal Tori declares. In the meantime, he tries to make amends to an actor that he punched out and his reward is a foot to the groin. Ouch!

His doctor reports that there’s no lasting damage but tests have revealed that Jason has a pre-existing medical condition that will make getting his wife pregnant an issue. But that’s news to Jason, considering his wife is already pregnant!

A Familiar Face
After lots of persuasion, oodles of promises made, and a whole lot of sheer luck, Tori is able to corral holdouts Ian and Brian to also sign up for the new series. Well, everyone except Shannen. Tori has to lie about the erstwhile co-star’s involvement because she knows the network executives think that having Shannen involved is a must.

At FOX headquarters, the head honchos introduce the gang to the producer who will be in charge of the series day-to-day operations. Enter former actress Christine Elise, who recurred on the original as Emily Valentine. And she’s absolutely thrilled to be working with her old, neurotic, narcissistic, and pathologically self-absorbed castmates!

A Troubling Development
Just as everything seems to be on track, a malicious prankster interrupts the proceedings. Each cast member is gifted with a hand-delivered package that contains a mutilated, bloodied or otherwise desecrated doll that bears their likeness. Could this be the work of Brian’s stalker?

Or could it be that Elise is every bit as crazy as the character she once played? Remember that Emily was a former asylum patient with a penchant for setting things ablaze and she loved to harass her victims with obscene phone calls and threatening letters…

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