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Top Five OMG Moments From Ambitions Episode 2

Ambitions Robin Givens June 26, 2019Ambitions

It was another heart-pounding episode of new primetime guilty pleasure, Ambitions, on Tuesday night and it’s hard to believe all the shocking twists and turns that took place in the jam-packed hour.


As relationships and motivations continued to be revealed and betrayal and back-stabbing ran rampant, Ambitions just continues to get better and better. Here are our top five OMG moments — see if they match yours!

1. Selfie Time
The mayor’s slice on the side woke up before him and started taking selfies — without turning off the sound! That was risky and Evan (Brian White) did wake up — but she covered. Apparently not trusting a cheat, she then secretly videotaped their morning tryst. Uh oh, Evan’s going to get burned!

2. Classic Soap Shout-Out
Stephanie arrived at her mother Irene’s (Donna Biscoe) and noted she was watching The Edge of Night (which went off the air back in 1984). When asked, her mother noted that the classics never get old. We couldn’t agree more with her and would love to know what channel she’s watching!

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3. Biometrics Be Damned
Amara (Essence Atkins) continues to argue with Titus (Kendrick Cross) about Stephanie so when his phone vibrated in the middle of the night and the initials SC came up — she had to know what it said. Unable to open, she grabbed her sleeping husband’s finger to unlock his phone!

4. Secret’s Out
Amara continues her research and learns that Evan has a mistress from Councilman Hamilton (just wait until she finds out he has a son from that liaison too!). Armed with that, she crashes Stephanie’s (Robin Givens) lunch she thought she was having with Titus. She puts her on notice to not text her hubby in the middle of the night.

Amara then asked about the allegations against Evan. After suffering several put-downs from Stephanie dating back to college together, Amara warned her rival not to underestimate her. After Amara walked away, Stephanie muttered, “Never again,” under her breath. Later, she found out about Amara’s cheating!

5. Don’t Mess With Mom
Evan was livid hearing that someone came after his sister Rondell (Brely Evans) at her restaurant, wanting her to sell, and he took off to fix it. He ended up at Stephanie’s parents’ house and threatened her father Stephen (Steven Williams). But you could have heard a pin drop when Irene revealed she was the culprit.

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