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The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart Debuts Tonight

The BachelorThe Bachelor

Music has always been an integral part of romance. Soap fans especially know the value a beautiful love theme can have to a popular couple. Now, The Bachelor franchise is bringing viewers a new show that combines romance and music.

The Bachelor Returns

The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart debuts tonight. The series combines music and love in a way no other Bachelor series has. On this show, participants will sing well-known songs both as individuals and as couples.

Along the way, they’ll form relationships and hopefully find love. Entertainment Hub spoke to executive producer Bennett Graebner to talk about what viewers can expect to see.

“It’s our new dating show,” Graebner says. “We’re hoping to find love for people who also play music.”

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This show will differ from other Bachelor programs in the level that music will play in the series. “One thing you notice on the Bachelor shows is the role music plays. The difference here is you’re really going to see music take on a role where you recognize the songs. Music truly means something to these people.”

As fans of such films as Casablanca and other scripted fare are aware, music can draw a couple together unlike anything else. Music often triggers feelings among people who are longing to open their hearts to one another. “It does,” Graebner concurs. “The key is trying to find music that reaches a lot of people as opposed to ‘this song means something only to me because I hear it sometimes.'”

Like most Bachelor series, the goal is for people to find love. How will this show differ? “I can’t tell you too much about the format,” Graebner teases. “I’m not ready for everyone who’s on the show to know everything about it, but I will say what’s of paramount importance is romance. If we don’t have that, then the show doesn’t work. It’s romance first, music second. We hope to see people fall in love and make beautiful music together.”

Familiar face Chris Harrison serves as the show’s host. “I think #BachelorNation will recognize a lot of elements from [our other shows] in this,” adds Graebner, noting that like on Bachelor in Paradise, Listen to Your Heart could see multiple people find a match. “I hope people fall in love,” he says. The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart debuts tonight, Monday, April 13 in its regular time slot at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.



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I couldn’t be more excited to finally say “Welcome to Listen to Your Heart” It all starts tonight #ABC 8/7C

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