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Taylor Swift Drops Hidden Messages In New ‘Ready For It’ Video


Taylor Swift always gives her fans an extra dimension to decipher when it comes to the superstar’s music videos. “…Ready For It?” is no exception.

The 27-year-old dropped her most recent offering this past week. Since then, all kinds of investigators have been furiously trying to get to the bottom of this visual odyssey from the inimitable Swift. So what do we have here?

For starters, graffiti has meaning as Swift begins to sing. With “89” (her birth year) and “91” (Joe Alwyn’s birth year) clearly written on the wall behind her, along with “I love you in secret,” you can probably bet these two are now officially an item.

As for past relationships, Calvin Harris is given a nod in an image that closely represents his and Rihanna’s hit by Swift herself called “This Is What You Came For”. The shot has Taylor looking like a robot in a nude suit causing lightening to strike.

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Also, the eight cyborgs who act as backup dancers are possibly symbolic of her past loves, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, and Tom Hiddleston among them.

Can you find more hidden meanings not necessarily boyfriend related in the new Taylor Swift video? Let us know!

Video Credit: AwesomenessTV

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