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Why Robby Hayes DOESN’T Believe Bachelor Colton Is A Virgin!

Robby HayesRobby Hayes

Former Bachelorette star Robby Hayes isn’t buying into the Colton Underwood virgin storyline. In fact, the reality star just revealed he thinks The Bachelor is lying about his v-card after a NSFW photo was released of Underwood.

For those who don’t remember, an old Snapchat photo of Underwood was leaked a few months ago with the caption, “I f—ked a big tittied hoe last night.”

Though many sources explained the photo is fake and has been doctored, it sounds like Hayes still believes it.

“I personally don’t really think he’s a virgin. I saw that picture that came out, I’m sure you did too,” he said on the Bleav in Bachelor Blab podcast.

“I actually got sent that picture about two months before it came out by my sister because this person he sent it to is one of her friends and so she was like, ‘Oh my God. He’s not a virgin,'”

He continued, “He’s a great person. I had fun with him the few times we hung out.”

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And, virgin or not, Hayes doesn’t believe Underwood will have sex with on all three of his fantasy suite dates.

“He’s not going to have sex with all three. He’s either going to pick one and go that route or just not have sex with any of them,” he said.

“I can see him not picking any of them…Production likes keeping people on their toes and I could also see them switching up the whole dynamic fantasy suites, right?”

He continued, “So maybe the final three don’t get a fantasy suite. They get something different and then that final one gets that one night just to make sure before he gets in engaged he’s about that sex life.”

Do you agree with Hayes’ theory about Underwood’s virginity? Let us know what you think!

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