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Law & Order: SVU Official Site Teases Benson and Stabler Reunion

Law & Order: SVU Stabler and BensonLaw & Order: SVU Stabler and Benson

For the last decade, fans of Law & Order: SVU super-cop couple Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler have had to be content with watching the duo in reruns of the Dick Wolf-created series. Now, that’s about to change with Elliot’s portrayer, Christopher Meloni, returning to the Law & Order brand in the new series Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Law & Order: SVU Teases Reunion

“This is more than a squad. It’s a family. #SVU,” reads the tagline for the post, accompanied by a video showing the interpersonal dynamics among the SVU squad members, specifically Olivia (Mariska Hargitay) and Elliot.

“You are REALLLLY teasing us with the will they/won’t they tension building up to S22 and an imminent L&O: OC crossover. 🙏🏻,” posted @coecreator.

@Coecreator speaks for many viewers who are eagerly anticipating the reunion between Stabler and Benson, whether or not they ever connect romantically. We know that Stabler retired from the force a while back after having to shoot a young woman he had helped.

Over the years, Benson has worked her way up to the position of Captain of the SVU squad. We know that Stabler’s return is tied to his trying to find absolution after a devastating personal loss and rebuild his life while he leads an elite new task force that is trying to bring down organized crime syndicates one by one.

Recently, the SVU official Instagram account posted a video showing highlights of Benson and Stabler’s relationship (as well as their dynamics with Odafin “Fin” Tutuola, played by Ice-T). They’re partners, BFFs — anything and everything but lovers. There was one case in which Elliot’s cover was about to be blown in a hotel room while Benson was visiting him. First, she attempted to hide in the bathroom, but when that wasn’t going to work, she partially disrobed and re-entered the room, pretending to be a “lady of the evening” whom Stabler, in his undercover guise, had hired.

That 2008 episode, titled Wildlife, is a viewer favorite. Alas, Benson’s ruse didn’t work as the bad guys shot Stabler later in the show. As if the duo’s bond wasn’t cemented enough, Benson was instrumental in saving a pregnant Kathy (Isabel Gillies, who plays Elliot’s wife) after they were involved in a car accident. At the hospital, after Kathy and her newborn were doing okay, Stabler embraced his work partner, thankful she was there for his family when he wasn’t.

There has never been a romantic moment between Benson and Stabler, but they may be the only two that don’t see the chemistry. When Bernadette Stabler (Ellen Burstyn, Elliot’s mother) met Benson, she said to the detective, commenting on her obvious beauty, she could see why Kathy was worried. (Kidding/not kidding.)

Check out the video to relive many Olivia/Elliot classic moments (that you’ve seen over and over by watching reruns). As details of the couple’s on-screen reunion become available, Entertainment Hub will bring you the scoop. Law & Order: SVU returns for its Season 22 premiere with an episode titled Guardians and Gladiators set to air on Thursday, November 12 at 10 p.m. Law & Order: Organized Crime is set to premiere in 2021.


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It’s a family. #SVU

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