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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Promises Sex and Gore Galore

Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy fans were rewarded with a two-hour season premiere, packing the punch that makes this perennial NBC drama great: love and loss, in-your-face medical humor, omissions of the truth and gore. Lots of gore.

Some of us look away at scenes that show the latter, but in this case you have to be quick if that’s your way of watching because exposed guts are on the screen throughout this past Thursday’s double header. Graphic, realistic, disgusting guts.

Those guts belong to long lost Megan Hunt, who is finally free from being held in captivity in Iraq and torn up thanks to a battle with shrapnel.

In case Megan is unfamiliar, well, that is to be expected because this is her first Grey’s appearance: She is Nathan’s (former) fiancee and Owen’s sister who has been missing for a decade.

Other big moments are fast and furious as Grey’s Anatomy returned to NBC for season 14.

Top contenders for your viewing pleasure and worth a look even if you watched already?

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The ceiling collapses around the staircase after the staff has gathered to talk about last season’s fire damages. Maggie’s crush on Avery is revealed, causing April to lose it. Meredith secures Megan an (unprecedented) abdominal transplant.

Megan dumps Riggs when he proposes. Arizona’s newest conquest with a complete stranger turns out to be Deluca’s sister. Alex and Jo finally reunite in a sexy reunion only after Jo squandered a one nighter with a really dorky med student.

And, the ultimate climax? Shepherd indulges in an MRI study that records female orgasms after masturbation only to discover she has a mighty big brain tumor.

Yes, medical trauma topped with love or lack thereof still permeates life at Seattle Grace as the Grey’s Anatomy staff deals with life and death without skipping a beating heart full of hope on all matters in the season 14 premiere of the top Peacock Network drama.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 o’clock, ET, on NBC.

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