Game of Thrones 10 Most ‘Oh No!’ Moments of Season 8 Episode 5

Game of Thrones Top 10 Oh No May 13, 2019Game of Thrones

While Game of Thrones has certainly kicked things into high gear during Season 8, the carnage in the fifth episode was unbelievable. There were moments that made us say “oh no” in a good way — and some not good at all. Here is our list of Top 10 moments, both good and bad.

10. Friend Betrayed
No one was shocked that Varys was discovered to be a traitor or that Dany (Emilia Clarke) would burn him for it. What was shocking was that Tyrion was the one who turned him over to Dany. The moment where he touched Varys, who never gets touched, was particularly moving.

9. Lover Betrayed
It was amazing how quickly Jon found himself capable of resisting Dany. But also how stupid he was for doing it. She doesn’t handle betrayal well and while he thought Sansa had kept his confidence, surely he figured out she didn’t, right? Which means he’s in danger. Don’t give Dany more reason to kill you.

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8. Brotherly Love Part I
While Jaime was stupid to get caught, how could Tyrion throw himself on the sword like that for his brother and worthless sister? Tyrion was well-meaning, but how many times does his sister have to dupe him for him to realize Lucy will never let Charlie Brown kick that football?

7. Learn A New Trade
Our hearts sank for Davos when Tyrion asked him a little favor. Sure, he was a great smuggler but he’s a leader now and shouldn’t have agreed to Tyrion’s treasonous plan. We like Davos and want him to live — and we’re just not sure that will be possible when Dany learns of this.

6. Good Guys Go Bad
Cersei’s army had laid down their weapons — but Grey Worm didn’t care and attacked them, kicking off the horror show once again and shocking Jon (Kit Harington) and some of the others who were trying to hold onto their humanity. It was a frightening moment to witness, especially for Jon.

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